Contratec N.V. works with many known specifications across many automotive platforms.


From Ford to BMW, or Mercedes to Audi, Contratec has the know how to bring the project to completion.


We are also involved in after project work such as technical training packages for the customer's workforce.


Contratec's engineers have the experience in programming all the leading plc controllers, whether it is Rockwell or Siemens, Pilz or Sick or any of the other various types of controller commonly used.


Any Bus system that is to be used is also within our scope, Profibus, Interbus, Safety Bus they are all covered by our engineers.


Generally, all the controls equipment that may be specified, from Inverters to Indramats, or from Safety systems to scada systems or maybe you need assistance with a production scheduling system, Contratec is there.

The Industrial robot is the key to reduce costs and we at Contratec have the programming knowledge to help you achieve your goal.


We have programmed all of the modern day robots and probably some from days gone by. There are simply too many robot manufacturer names to mention.


Maybe you are planning a complete new production facility or you require just a one robot installation or a small stand alone cell, we are here to help.


If you have existing production lines that need optimizing to obtain a better cycle time or you are looking for a better throghput then the knowledge within Contratec is priceless.


By reducing the production cycle time by only a matter of a few seconds your yearly output could be raised by a few thousand units.

Contratec NV : BE 0811 753 507 : Kuringen Belgium : email


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